Los de Marras

Los de Marras, born in 1995 in Valencia, are a rock band characterised by direct, emotional, heartbreaking and visceral lyrics where everyone feels represented in some way in their lives without having to resort to the dictionary to understand them.

Songs that speak of social, political or personal problems that make that, in their concerts, emotion, rage and joy intermingle with the sounds of the self-styled “guarrocanrol” style.

With 7 albums behind them and performances in Spain in all the most important venues and festivals in the country, they are one of the most loved bands on the music scene for their humility both on and off stage.

After their acclaimed fifth album, “Surrealismo”, Los de Marras presented their penultimate album under the name of “Reamanecer”, where they maintained that essence in their texts that the public likes so much, that energy in their music that remains in all the albums and counting again with the design of the Valencian illustrator Elena Tormo, who has defined the graphic style of the band for many years. In April 2021, “Peligro Esperanza”, their seventh and last album, will be released. A work that was born at a time when it was dangerous to have hope. In this latest album, Los de Marras once again bring out the feelings that come from inside them, trying to touch wounded hearts like theirs.


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